Lifestyle Session

Posed newborn sessions are usually done within 2 weeks of birth , but most moms don’t know this. What is easier about lifestyle sessions, is not being constricted with that limited amount of time. When I was contacted about doing a newborn session but the baby was already 3 months old, there was no issue.


A new addition to our family

I can’t believe its almost been a month since my son was born. It has been a sleepless few weeks. Having two kids under two is a handful. I have not had the chance to post any photos of him yet. Now that both kids are sleeping I figured I could at least post a photo and talk about his interesting birth.

My husband and I could not agree on a middle name and I figured after he was born it would come to us. For this birth I had to have a planned c section. It was planned for a Thursday at 2pm. That morning I checked the weather, and it was supposed to be beautiful and sunny. Get to the hospital and they tell me my c section is going to get pushed back a little. So when I'm finally ready for my surgery I heard a storm was coming out of no where. Storms come and go, so I was not worried about it or anything. I never really gave it a second thought. I get wheeled into the surgery room, they cut me open and the whole time I can hear the thunder outside. Then the room turns black. The power in the hospital goes out!! All the doctors and the nurses even freak out cause it was so unexpected. Luckily the generators kicked in quickly but now Im freaking out! I wanted them to hurry up and take the baby out and put me back together . I could not stay calm as the lights kept flickering through out the rest of the procedure. Talk about being a little scared. Luckily the rest of the procedure went without any issues. After our son was born we decided we wanted a middle name that related to thunder or storm as a reminder of how he came into this world. That is how his middle name Thor came to be.


Lifestyle Newborn Session

As my due date gets closer I am having to rethink some things in my photography business. One of them is how I do my newborn sessions. I am slowly moving from posed newborn sessions to lifestyle newborn sessions. These sessions will be done at the persons home, there won’t be any posing of the baby, everything will be more natural. Luckily I was able to take some images of this wonderful little boy last weekend to start showing some of my newborn lifestyle work.


Fall Photos

One day I might actually be able to catch up with my blog. This fall season was a busy with with mini sessions , regular sessions and several newborn sessions. I enjoyed every second of it with such wonderful families, so below is a sneak peak from some of my sessions.