Any interest in fall mini sessions this weekend 10/19

I had left this weekend open in case it rained last weekend for my mini sessions, but since all went well, I have some time available. I can have a couple of mini sessions on Sat late afternoon in Manassas. If there is any interest please feel free to email me.

2019 Fall Mini Sessions

It might be a little early to be talking about fall mini sessions but because I didn't have spring mini sessions this year since it was to close to my due date, I wanted everyone to know that I will be having fall sessions. I will be doing them like last year where its 2 or 3 sessions on different weekends. I do not have a schedule yet for them but they will start end of Sept thru early Nov. For those who have signed up to my newsletter I will be sending you the calendar dates and times before I post post online.

If you are interested on signing up for my newsletter please sign up here,scroll to the bottom of the page.

Don't worry I will not spam you. I mainly use it for notifying you about dates and times for mini sessions and any special deals I might be doing.

Mini Sessions

Usually I always have Spring and Fall mini sessions but this Spring because of my pregnancy I decided not to have any Spring Mini sessions. As of right now, I am planning on having Fall Mini Sessions but most likely it won’t be as many, as I will be trying to juggle a newborn and a toddler…wish me luck :-)

Anyhow, if you want to keep informed as to when Mini Sessions will be occurring please sign up for my mini session emails. In the past my mini sessions usually sell out within 24 hours. This would be the best way of knowing when I put up the schedule.

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Cousin Valentine's day session

I wanted to do something for Valentine’s day so called up my cousin who has a daughter about the same age to do a little session together. Of course these two girls have loads of personality, and it shows in the photos. Love them !! I might have to start doing Vday mini sessions in the future.


Fall Photos

One day I might actually be able to catch up with my blog. This fall season was a busy with with mini sessions , regular sessions and several newborn sessions. I enjoyed every second of it with such wonderful families, so below is a sneak peak from some of my sessions.