2nd birthday

I am a little late posting this but better late then never. I can’t believe my little angel turned 2. What a personality she has! This little girl has no fear, she will copy her older cousins and do all the crazy things they do. She is a shoe-oholic…yes I bribe her not with candy but shoes! I can’t go into the mall without her running to the shoe store, taking off her shoes on the way to try on the first pair of shoes she sees. She picks out her outfits in the morning, as I have no say anymore in what she wears! ahh As headstrong and fearless she is, she has a tender side to her. She is the first one to come running to you if she sees you fall to help you up, and will ask you if you are ok. If she sees us struggling trying to carry something, she runs up and will help you carry it.

I never knew how much you could love someone unconditionally until she came into my life. Even though she is only two, these two years feel like they have flown by. I wish the days of her being so small would go a little slower so I can enjoy every moment I spend with her.

Happy Birthday my angel