Goodbye 2017

It is difficult to say goodbye to 2017 as it was a wonderful year for us. We were blessed to have our daughter born this year. As many of you know, it was a blessing we had been praying for several years. Being a mom for the first time has been a wonderful yet tiresome experience. Even though I miss my sleep, waking up to her cute laughs makes it all worth it. ( sorry for the cheesiness)

Good bye 2017, Hello 2018! I can't wait to see what additional blessings you bring us this year.


Family Fall Photos

My baby girl is turning 3 months, my bday is in a few days, and its beautiful fall weather, how could we not take some family photos. We headed over to the manassas battlefield, took turns with my hubby taking photos of each other. So happy my husband is getting a handle of how to use my camera